Football Church Plan

Vision and Values

1) Nondenominational space. John 3:16 and Romans 10:9.

Open to anyone who thinks there might be a God who’s interested in them. As leaders we trust God to give us the words we need at the right time and allow God to prompt change in His time.

We Love People

2) a. People who don’t believe, or have a very vague idea of God.

b. People who believe in something – Christianity or ‘a god’ – but don’t go to church (possibly because Sunday morning isn’t the best time)

c. People who believe, possibly go to church, and really want to pray about football.

d. Church members who feel their faith is too limited to Sundays and would like to make a new, practical commitment in the hope of a deeper spiritual connection to God.

e. Church members who are really excited about what we were doing and want to be part of something different, perhaps in a senior role.


1) Football-specific prayer sessions – for people who want to pray about any aspect of football.

2) Healing services with a focus on football injuries.

3) Football season ‘opening’ and ‘closing’ services. Home game services

4) Chaplaincy to members of our club and community.

5) Advice and guidance for players at all levels concerning money management, substance misuse, smoking cessation, mental health, emotional resilience etc. (Develop own workshops?)

6) Social events – for the church or for the whole community, i.e. World Cup party, watching games together.

7) Support for people wishing to launch Christian football projects.